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Wolf and Associates, Inc. was established in 1978 to fill a growing demand for bulk material handling systems. Due to the large number of pulp and paper mills in their geographical area many of Wolf's first projects were in that industry. However, expansion quickly moved into other industries such as power generation, municipal solid waste, mining, and manufacturing.

In 2004, Wolf and Associates, Inc. became part of Hoffmann, Inc., located in Muscatine, Iowa, and the company name was changed to Wolf Material Handling Systems. To this date, Wolf Material Handling Systems is a single source provider for system design, engineering, furnish of equipment, commissioning, performance guarantee, and warranty.

Wolf's engineering office is still located in Elk River, Minnesota has maintained their staff of engineers, designers, draftsmen, and supporting administrative staff who accumulatively have hundreds of years of practical knowledge and the "hands on" experience necessary to furnish a complete project. As a design group, Wolf MHS has the advantage of not being tied to any one industry, and can apply engineering practices from various industries, establishing our reputation as innovative, yet practical.

Wolf MHS has manufacturing capabilites through Hoffmann's fabrication facility or through selected outside fabricators. Quality is accomplished through an enforced quality assurance program, including in-house assembly and inspection.

Wolf systems are custom in nature and are typically tailored to the customer's needs. Wolf Material Handling Systems welcomes the opportunity to offer complete design / build projects and accept total performance responsibility for the equipment provided.



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